GoSTLP Societal Responsibility

GoSTLP is creating the world’s largest marketplace for independent shoppable eCommerce. A great mission that also comes with great responsibility. To not only empower store owners, but to also foster self-expression in ethical and socially responsible ways. 

Every product on the GoSTLP marketplace is printed on demand (made one at a time). That means it doesn’t exist until you order it. So we don’t have warehouses full of stuff waiting to be sold. Inspiration can’t be mass produced!

95% of the GoSTLP Marketplace packages originate within the same region from which they are ordered. So when you find something that you love on the marketplace, it’s using far less energy to get to you.

GoSTLP requires that all third party printers and manufacturers participating in the marketplace ensure safe working conditions, minimize environmental impact, and treat their employees with respect and dignity. To make sure these requirements are met, they must adhere to the FLA Code of Conduct and its benchmark standards.

GoSTLP and third party audit firms will make agreed upon visits to make sure FLA Code Standards are being met and sustainable management, reporting, and tracking systems have been established. Participants in the marketplace must commit to continually making improvements where Code Standards aren’t met and assure ongoing compliance in a reasonable and timely manner.